Squatter Removal

Squatter Removal

We can remove Squatters and have a great success rate with some of our special tactics and procedures.

Please contact us for an initial discussion of the situation and possible solutions that can be implemented.

Some of the most common ways premises owners take to remove squatters without assistance from a private security firm

1. Contact the police. Removing squatters is a job for the police. Even if the squatters are on private property, the police can help with the removal.

2. Contact a lawyer. Depending on the situation, the squatters may have certain rights, and it is important to understand them and make sure the removal process is conducted legally.

3. Provide proof of ownership. Private security companies must be able to prove ownership in order to remove squatters. This could include deeds, bills of sale, or other documents.

4. Serve the squatters an eviction notice. Once all the paperwork is in order, a private security company can serve an eviction notice to the squatters.

5. Be prepared for resistance. Some squatters may respond aggressively or refuse to leave. If this is the case, the private security company can contact the police for assistance.

6. Follow up after the removal. Private security companies should keep in contact with the police to make sure the squatters do not return.